ORM Designer

ORM Designer is a visual database designing tool with full support...

ORM Designer is a visual database designing tool with full support of ORM frameworks. ORM Designer was created to replace kilobytes of text definitions with easy to use graphical interface.

Thanks to a very flexible design almost any ORM framework with definitions stored in a markup language can be fully supported. Enjoy creating database models fast, comfortable and error free.

ORM Designer supports import and export from any ORM framework defined in a markup language document (XML, YAML) and also framework specific options like object behaviours, inheritance, I18N (internationalization) or versioning.

Check our ORM frameworks section to see all the features related to ORM frameworks support. Polished user interfaceWe know how many times you have to move a table, change a column or completely reorder a model so the new tables fit in the model.

We spent several hours tuning the user interface to make the common tasks quick and easy. See the whole section dedicated to the user interface features.

Ready for widely used programming practicesProjects are usually divided into plugins or modules and so can be the model. You can organize the model into regions to keep related tables easy to find.

And you can also separate the data model into plugin files and reuse these parts in another project. There is more to be found in the programming features section.

Easy to extend, easy to validateORM Designer has all its internal definitions stored in human readable XML format. Which means you can always easily check and compare changes made to the model when commiting to versioning system and also you can make post processing scripts of database model.